Dated Released : 5 November 2009
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Starring : Luke Goss, Gary Daniels, Chiaki Kuriyama
Genre : Action | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

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CINEMA-31 : In 2039, after World War destroyed much of civilization as we know, the area is no longer run by governments, but by the company; the strongest of which is the Mishima Zaibatsu. Mishima held the King of Iron Fist Tournament, or Tekken, where the fighters fight until only one who can stand up, which in turn will receive a star for life and wealth.

We were introduced to the violent world through the eyes of Jin Kazama, a young street fighter who entered the tournament in order to avenge the death of her mother who she pour all the blame on the leaders of the strongest and most powerful on the Mishima Zaibatsu: Heihachi Mishima (Hiroyuki Tagawa). He knows that the only way it can be quite dekat dengan untuk agar Mishima can kill him is to win the tournament, but with begitu, ia masa past began to disassemble themselves and the power of evil in himself and shows the darkness to Tekken that threatens humanity keberadaan.